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Why Does Your Company Engage in Social Media?

There are many reasons companies have joined the social media world – everything from incorporating it into their marketing efforts to increase sales to doing it “because everyone else is” or “because it’s the thing to do.” If you’re in the latter group, the following chart, which was showcased in the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by the Social Media Examiner, gives you a good idea of the benefits of engaging in social media marketing:

The top tier entries are common sense – the more your company is online in various places, the more exposure it will get. It’s interesting to note that as you look down the list, we get into generating qualified leads and reduced overall marketing expenses. These are two areas that are definitely beneficial, but not always thought of when making a social media management plan. Let’s look at one of the benefits, generating qualified leads, to see how engaging in social media can be helpful.

Generating Qualified Leads

This is true for both B2C and B2B companies. In the B2C world, consumers are relying more on peer recommendations than other information. Product reviews on websites were always a big hit with consumers; while still viable and useful, peer recommendations are taking this one step further. If a consumer sees that their friends and family are recommending a company or product, they will be swayed by this much more than anonymous feedback on the company’s site.

When generating a social media plan,be sure to incorporate links to your social media sites so consumers can easily share the information they’re looking at. The easier you make it, the better it will be for word of mouth and exposure!

In the B2B arena, LinkedIn is proving to be quite successful in generating qualified leads. By joining groups in relevant industries, you can engage in discussion and showcase your business and expertise without a cold call or hard sell. You’re doing what comes naturally – talking about your business – while gaining exposure and lead generation. For those who hate cold calls, this is definitely a wonderful alternative!

What Else Does This Study Reveal?

This study takes a look at all aspects of social media marketing – how marketers are using social media, where the best success is, and more. You can watch this overview video below or download the free study:

Once you review the study, we’d love to hear your thoughts! What was the most interesting finding? Do you think the results fall into place with your tactics and success rate? We love a good discussion, so feel free to share your ideas!

  1. May 25, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Online social networks are different from traditional social networks in the vast quantities of data the former offers, via blogs, newsgroups, and email systems.Social Media has versatile uses but not stagnant only to marketing campaign. Today,social media has been revolutionized in a way that apart from campaigning interest, it is also now used to grow interest among users. So,Social Media is the best virtual tool to spread news & feeds what we encounter & count.

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